Monday, September 10, 2012

And now that the dust has settled

In the haste of the moment at events, and during the excitement of the race somethings can go unsaid or not said enough.

The organizers of Hemlock would like to take the chance to give another big thank you to all the event sponosrs: Dunbar Cycles, Hemlock Valley Resort, Pink Bike, Intense, GoPro, Answer Products, Ice Breaker, Raceface, Pedal Sport and Kali    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your commitment to DH racing in BC is amazing and is appreciated by all racers.

To all the volunteers: THANK YOU!!!! these events cannot happen without you.

To the trail crew: Todd, Scott, Glen and Brian and all others who threw dirt. Thanks you for your time and dedication, this is an event that takes months and months of prep! thank you for your time.

Thank You to all involved!!! you make racing in BC happen!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Full Results

Hey all!!

You read it right!! The results are in!!

If you want to download them, click here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Offical Race Photographer

Looking to find a picture of yourself going fast? 

be sure to check out Dave Mackie's 
web site after the race.

Haulin' Ballz Coffee

The lovely Meghan will be serving up fantastic coffee and breakfast treats from Lepps Farmers Market Saturday and Sunday from 7:30'ish till 10'ish (mountain time). She will have muffins, granola bars and scones (with meat in them!!!!), all good things to keep you fueled to HAUL!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Got plans for Saturday night?

Don't forget to come on into Molly's pub after the 16" race on Saturday to check out the newly released "Bush League" movie!!!

Also, we'll be having a lovely raffle with prizes like a D3 *cough* etc. Money raised will be going to a very very good cause.

Course Pictures!! Build the Stoke

The course is coming together!!! fast and loose.

Please see the below link for some course pics from last weekend


Just a couple of reminders!!

Number 1: Bring bug spray!!! the bugs up at Hemlock don't see a lot of people so they get kinda excited when race weekend arrives.

Number 2: bring plenty of food and water, the long trek up to Hemlock takes you about 45 minutes away from stores, so please come prepared.

Number 3: camping is free and is in parking lot 2 for the weekend

Number 4: shower service for campers is not available but there is a lovely creek about 10 minutes down the main road

Number 5: and most important!! Please come and have a fantastic time!!!